Lab-Grown Diamonds II: Experts Insights from a Leading Manufacturer

The alternative to mined diamonds are lab-grown diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds are chemically, physically, optically and visually identical to mined diamonds. In this deep-dive about diamonds, you will learn how microwave energy is able to generate high temperature gas plasma with unique properties for diamond deposition plasma processes – with highly advanced technology from the world’s top supplier and expert in the field of industrial microwave technology: MUEGGE.

Prerequisite for success: Microwave energy

For growing real diamonds, the high frequency coupling of microwave energy produces very high plasma density with low sheath potential for an efficient, yet gentle process. The microwave systems produced by MUEGGE are used to generate plasma for man-made diamond applications.

Turn-key CVD diamond systems for both research and production are currently working at 2.45 GHz and 915 MHz frequencies and at powers ranging from 6 to 100 kW.

Industrial microwave systems typically use a variety of standardized or customized waveguide components for delivery of microwave energy, each having a specific and necessary function. 

The individual components are usually available in several different types and waveguide sizes offering different performance characteristics that are well suited for specific heating applications. They can also be arranged in any of several different configurations as required by the application. As a result, the system designer is presented with a wide variety of often difficult choices of components and configurations.

Second ingredient: Choosing the right system and components for you

Our experts are happy to assist and consult you regarding the special characteristics you may need for your project. Our engineers know industrial processes and requirements in depth and are able to simulate and develop prototypes with state of the art 3D visualisation tools.

Third step to success: Take advantage of switch-mode technology

MUEGGE microwave generators typically include a switch-mode power supply. A switched-mode power supply (SMPS) is an electronic power supply that incorporates a switching regulator to convert electrical power very efficiently. This higher power conversion efficiency is an important advantage of the switched-mode power supply and also substantially reduces the overall size and weight of the unit. MUEGGE’s switch-mode power supplies can also be configured with a variety of options making these the most customizable power supply choice and an ideal power source for most industrial microwave heating applications.

Fourth component: A compact magnetron head

Muegge’s MH-Series magnetron heads offer a variety output power and configuration styles. Key features include compact designs, standard waveguide and coaxial output flanges; magnetrons are air or water/air-cooled. The MH-series also offers a variety of options including integrated isolator, reflected HR output power measurement and arc detection.

The ideal set-up for a robust lab-diamond process

The excellent output power stability in combination with an extraordinary robustness against effects caused by non-conformal grid instabilities make MUEGGE microwave generators your first choice for long term processes like diamond deposition. MUEGGE offers support for the microwave design and for customer specific developments in the complete range of microwave and microwave diagnostic for diamond deposition processes. 


Feel free to contact us for individual consultation, from expert to expert: 

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